Disability Insurance for University of Michigan Employees

If you work for the University of Michigan (U-M) and have not elected its optional group disability insurance, you have a unique opportunity during Open Enrollment this fall. You can elect U-M’s Expanded Long-Term Disability insurance benefit without having to go through medical underwriting. That is a big deal if you have a past or current medical condition that would make you ineligible for disability insurance or that would make it prohibitively expensive.

I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of disability insurance. No one plans to become ill or injured, but I have seen it

a number of times with my own clients. Furthermore, very few people have enough money in reserves to sustain themselves through a prolonged period of not getting paid. Disability insurance will replace some of your earnings (65% for U-M’s Expanded Long-Term Disability plan) if you become disabled and cannot work.

Do yourself a big favor and elect U-M’s Expanded Long-Term Disability insurance coverage during Open Enrollment if you do not already have it. Learn more about it at this link. Open Enrollment for U-M employees is October 28 – November 8.