Buying Cars and Annuities

What do buying annuities and buying cars have to do with each other? Not much actually, but I’ve recently responded to questions about each on the new personal finance website, Check out my answers at the links below:

How much should I save before buying a car?

Is a variable annuity right for me?


Choosing a Financial Planner

If you are in search of a financial planner and have found my website, you can rest assured that you are on the right track. But don’t take my word for it. Writers at two of the nation’s most respected periodicals would agree.

In its article How to Find a Financial Planner, The New York Times recommends that its readers research Fee-Only financial planners at and The Wall Street Journal points you to the same organizations in its article, How to Choose a Financial Planner.

Why would both The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal recommend that you work with a Fee-Only financial planner? It’s quite simple, really. Fee-Only planners take on a fiduciary responsibility to act in your best interest and do not try to sell you anything other than their professional advice.

You will find Oliver Financial Planning at both and

Make the Best of a Bad 401(k)

Penelope Wang wrote an article for CNNMoney and the March issue of Money Magazine on how to Make the Best of a Bad 401(k). It includes solid advice on how to work around limitations and poor features in employer-sponsored retirement plans. I am mentioned in the section on what to do if your employer does not provide a matching contribution.

Motley Fool Article on Professional Financial Advice

The Motley Fool has long been known for its independent investment advice for do-it-yourselfers. But the Fools (that’s what they call themselves) also recognize that their members may need occasional or ongoing professional financial advice. To this end, The Motley Fool has entered into a partnership with the Garrett Planning Network as a preferred option for its members to get personalized, objective financial advice. The partnership is mentioned in The Motley Fools February 2010 Rule Your Retirement newsletter (PDF) on page six in an article titled Wealth Defense: Find a Pro Who Works on Your Terms.

In Case You Missed It – CFA Magazine

I was quoted in the July-August 2008 edition of the CFA Magazine in an article (PDF) about reconciling different points of view between clients and advisers. I discuss educating a client about the expense and diversification ramifications of choosing value-based investments.