Retirement Planning Alternatives

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Happy Money – Buy Time

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No More Mr. Nice Guy

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Happy Money – Make It A Treat

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Happy Money – Buy Experiences

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One Most Important Thing

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Life is Short

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Introducing Our Financial Planning Program

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Comparing Group and Individual Term Life Insurance

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Disability Insurance for University of Michigan Employees

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We’ve Moved!

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Have You Considered Eating Less?

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Buying Cars and Annuities

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Financial Advisor Compensation Models

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Talking Mortgages with Kim Clugston

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Pick A Number

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Recommended Reading: Debt-Free U

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Numbers to Know for 2011

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Year End Planning Tips

November 30, 2010/by oliverplanning

Variable Annuity in an IRA

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Skimmers, Jitters, and Complaints

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Personal Finance Links

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Are your Emotions Costing you 5%?

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529 Plan Red Flag

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Trading Costs Continue to Fall

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Underwater Mortgage Refinancing

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Ideas and Links from the NAPFA Conference

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Choosing a Financial Planner

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Make the Best of a Bad 401(k)

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Motley Fool Article on Professional Financial Advice

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Numbers to Know for 2010

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Year-end Financial Planning Tips

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In Case You Missed It – CFA Magazine

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Low-Cost Credit Monitoring

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Converting to a Roth IRA in 2010

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Welcome to our new website

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Ann Arbor News Profile

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