Services & Fees

What’s Included

Investment Advice

We will get your portfolio on the right track by telling you how to invest each account and where to put future contributions. You control your accounts so you make the trades with our guidance. We coach you on the right investing behaviors (i.e. stick to our strategy and ignore the noise) and rebalance your portfolio annually.
We’ll keep up to date on your accounts through an online financial organizer.

Financial Planning

We will work with you to create a goals-based financial plan and update it annually or whenever a major assumption changes. We’ll share your plan through MoneyGuidePro, so you can change assumptions whenever the mood strikes you.

Help When You Need It

Buying a car and wondering whether it’s better to take a loan or pay with cash? Want to know the smartest thing to do with your bonus? You contact us whenever you have a question related to your personal finances and we respond with our best advice. No extra charge. It’s all included in your monthly fee.


Our fees are based on your net worth (assets – liabilities). New clients pay a one-time startup fee as shown in the chart. In addition, we charge $250 per month for up to $1 million of net worth plus 0.15% of additional net worth in $500,000 increments.

See the chart for pricing up to $5 million of net worth. Contact us for pricing if your net worth is above $5 million. Fees are paid in arrears (i.e. for each past month) and reset annually.

Net Worth (up to)Monthly FeeStartup Fee